IwagakureTakigakureKonohagakureSunagakureKumogakureKirigakureTanigakureOtogakureKusagakureAmegakureIshigakureYugakureShimogakureUzushiogakureFormer Land of WhirlpoolsFormer Land of WhirlpoolsTenchi BridgeMountains' GraveyardHeadquarters of the Allied Shinobi ForcesKannabi BridgeValley of the EndTanzaku QuartersIsland TurtleIsland TurtleFormer Akatsuki hideoutLand of WavesGreat Naruto BridgeIwagakureKonohagakureSunagakureKumogakureKirigakureYugakureKusagakureIshigakureTanigakureShimogakureTakigakureAmegakureLand of RiversLand of WindLand of EarthLand of FireLand of LightningLand of FrostLand of Hot WaterLand of SoundLand of WaterFormer Land of WhirlpoolsNaruto World Map
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Map of the Naruto World.

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