Hokage Monument
Hogake Monument Naruto Shippuden
Place in the Naruto series

The Hokage Monument, Hokage Mountain or the Hokage Rock (火影岩, Hokage-iwa) is the most representative trait of Konohagakure. It is a mountain that has had the faces of all the Hokage carved into the stone. During the first episode, Naruto Uzumaki painted the faces of the four Hokage as a joke, and revealed that he planned to surpass them, stating that his face will someday too be in the monument. He also did it to grab attention, as the people of Konoha despised him for having the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox sealed inside him.

At the beginning of the series, the Monument had the faces of the First Hokage, the Second Hokage, the Third Hokage, and the Fourth Hokage. During the time-skip, the face of the Fifth Hokage was added to the mountain. In the anime while the Fifth was in a coma, it was shown that the faces of Danzō Shimura and later Kakashi Hatake were to be carved in as the next Hokage after the Fifth, but Tsunade's recovery stopped this procedure before it could be done.